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1.Cas No: 17230-88-5
2.Molecular formula: C22H27NO2
3.Chemical Structure


4. Melting point : 224.4-226.80C
5. Boiling point: 473.76°C (rough estimate)
6. Density: 1.0909 (rough estimate)
7. Refractive index: 1.5614 (estimate)
8. Storage conditions: -20°C Freezer

Description: Danazol is a drug for the treatment of endometriosis, breast lobular hyperplasia, hereditary vascular edema and other diseases, mainly by oral administration.

Pharmacological action: Danazol is synthetic 17 α- Acetylene testosterone derivative is a weak androgen, but has no progesterone and estrogen activity. It is a gonadotropin inhibitor, and has both protein assimilation and anti progesterone effects. It acts on the hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis, inhibits the secretion and release of gonadotropin, and reduces the release of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone; It can directly inhibit the production of ovarian steroids, reduce the level of estrogen in the body, and then inhibit the growth of endometrium and ectopic endometrium, leading to anovulation and amenorrhea. The effect can last for 6 to 8 months. This product can make fibromastitis nodules disappear, reduce pain and tenderness, but may induce menstrual disorders or amenorrhea, which is related to the reduction of estrogen. This product can also increase the level of serum C1 esterase inhibitor, resulting in the increase of serum C4 concentration of complement system

Application: Danazol is a drug for the treatment of endometriosis, breast lobular hyperplasia, hereditary vascular edema and other diseases, mainly by oral administration.

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We are Princechem Pharmaceutical manufacturer pass 20 years experience.  Types of chemical reactions in are etherification, ammoniation, chlorination, esterification, cyclization, hydrogenation and Grignard reaction, etc..Over the past 10 years, more than 400 catalog products were developed. In recent years, more than 40 kinds of key pharmaceutical intermediates have been developed, involving anti-cancer, cardiovascular, digestive system, mental diseases and other fields. It includes the key intermediates of API such as Quetiapine, Fluvaxamine, Erlotinib, Gefitinib, Sunitinib, Lapatinib, Rabeprazole and Lafutidine. For many years, we have been providing high quality pharmaceutical intermediates for many world-famous pharmaceutical companies.

HI-Tech Enterprise was honored to YPC in 2011. The company adheres to scientific and technological innovation and has more than 10 authorized invention patents.

YPC insists on using the international standard management systems to promote our managements and have established the systems of ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHS18001:1999. Over the past few years, it has passed on-site audits by more than 20 international and domestic pharmaceutical companies.

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