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There are great differences between dangerous goods transportation and ordinary goods transportation.

Ordinary freight transportation refers to ordinary cargo transportation, with no special requirements for transportation vehicles, As long as the vehicle is inspected and repaired regularly in accordance with the National Transportation Safety requirements and in accordance with the laws of the national transportation industry. However, the transportation of dangerous goods requires higher requirements for vehicles, personnel and safety measures.

Relevant national regulations have strict requirements on the safety performance of dangerous goods transport vehicles, General hazardous chemicals vehicles need to be equipped with the following configurations,
1.With speed limit function, set the maximum speed not greater than 80km/h;
2.Equipped with ESC(Electronic stability control system)
3.Semi trailer tractors of Dangerous Goods trucks with a total mass of 12 tons or more shall be equipped with ESC
4.Air suspension equipment requirements: The rear axle of Dangerous Goods trucks with a total mass of 12 tons or more and all axles of semi trailers shall be equipped with air suspension
5.Tire burst emergency safety device: The steering wheels of semi-trailer tractors and trucks with a total mass greater than 3.5 tons shall be equipped with tire burst emergency safety devices
6.Equipped with AEBS requirements: Dangerous goods transport trucks with a gross mass of 12 tons or more shall be equipped with AEBS (automatic emergency braking system), except semi-trailer tractors, tank cars and explosives
7.Active safety warning :All equipped with FCW (forward collision warning),LDW(Lane Departure Warning) ,
8.Satellite positioning system vehicle terminal
9.Factory information sheet
10.Type selection requirements for dangerous goods transport vehicles

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