Mainly engaged in the development and production of new pharmaceutical intermediates

lnvolved in anti-cancer, cardiovascular, mental diseases and other fields


With the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic around the world, the important role of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry chain is becoming more and more obvious.

From the late resumption of work and production of my country's API companies in February this year, the global supply of APIs was tense, to India’s restrictions on the export of various APIs in March, which led to the expression of concerns and dissatisfaction among API importing countries. The issue of API supply has been affected by the international community. Unprecedented attention.

In order to cope with the upcoming changes in the global API industry pattern, my country's API companies need to plan and deploy in advance, so as to strive for better development in the future industry chain competition.

The first is to actively embed in the global pharmaceutical industry chain and establish long-term and strong cooperative relations with upstream and downstream companies. Only by binding interests can it be "difficult to separate" and strive for a certain right to speak.

The second is to improve cost advantages through technological upgrading, process transformation and large-scale production.

The third is to increase innovation and research and development efforts. The development of product development is towards the direction of subdivided types with complex structure and high added value, and certain technical thresholds are established; the process development is upgraded to high efficiency, low pollution and greening.

Fourth is not only to attach importance to the international market, but also to take into account the domestic market, strive to walk both domestic and foreign, to prevent the international "black swan" event from triggering market fluctuations and survival crises.

Post time: Jun-29-2020