Mainly engaged in the development and production of new pharmaceutical intermediates

lnvolved in anti-cancer, cardiovascular, mental diseases and other fields


Chemical process package is the core of chemical production and plays an important role in chemical production process.

Process package development is a systematic project, which needs to involve multiple subjects  and different sciences , and it is difficult to complete it on its own. Generally , the process package development and design are mainly completed by R & D, chemical process, process system, analysis and testing, automatic control, materials, safety and health, environmental protection and other disciplines.

The finished products of the process package shall include instructions, process flow diagram, first edition of P & ID, recommended equipment layout, list of process equipment, data sheet of process equipment, summary sheet of catalysts and chemicals, summary sheet of sampling points, material manual, safety manual, operation manual, physical data manual and relevant calculations.

Chemical production process mainly includes reaction and separation. Reaction process is the core of chemical production, and separation process is an important means to ensure product purity.

The task of the reaction process is to determine the reaction route and obtain the best reaction conditions through parameter optimization. The following factors shall be comprehensively considered in the selection of route and conditions: yield, conversion, selectivity, energy consumption, safety, stability, medium corrosivity, treatment capacity of three wastes, equipment investment, operation cost, etc.

Post time: Jul-27-2021